Saturday, September 23, 2017

{ Featured Single } "My House" by Fresh Fargo

Fresh Fargo sure knows how to turn the party up and get the crowd jumping with his hit single “My House”. Favored by the majority of Atlanta’s club performers this single is sure to get your next function “Turnt Up”. "My House" has that party flavor mixed with the southern party flow that made artists in the area shine. There’s no doubt that this single can’t get you dancing and singing along, with its catchy instrumental and hook. “My House” has a unique style fit to build the Fresh Fargo brand. If you’re looking for party favorites this record is sure to be a favorite. “My House” is fit for all people, as there is a clean version for the younger audience. So if you're wanting to get live check out “My House” today!! 

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Poem from Songwriter / Poet Darrell Herbert "Six to Thirteen"

Six to Thirteen

From afar I simply watch you
I'll drop my name before I name drop you
Go ahead, who can even stop you?
Bottoms up, who can even top you?
Colorless, these colors shed plastic
On stage, my presence is merely magic
Stomach the thought of drinking my acid
Forgive me if I don't try, I forgot if I was revived 
As a result it still effects the deprived 
To die in a state that keeps being categorized as alive
It's useless, they'll use her
At six I was such a loser
At thirteen, a drug abuser
But, should I take my time?
Or take my life

Darrell Herbert "The Artivist" is a rising songwriter / poet, also known as "The Voice for the Voiceless".  

Platinum Sound Featured Artist: YBless

YBless was born into struggle yet decided not to the let struggle define him, but rather he chose to define the struggle. “Life is a lesson if you just listen and learn from it” states Bless. Always having a true love for music Bless began to write at the early age of ten and quickly transitioned into producing as well. Understanding the benefits of working smarter not harder Bless decided to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others, carefully watching what the industry leaders were doing and customizing those elements to fit his mold. Bless feels his style stands on its own, that there is no one quite like him which makes him confident that his time to shine is now. With a goal to bring back the love and respect to the game, Bless intends to showcase his personal struggles for others to relate to thus creating a connection to build from. “My Struggles are not your struggles, my pain is not your pain, but the elements that create them share a common bond”. With an inner drive, passion and pure determination Bless knows that he has much to offer the industry and his fans, now he just needs his chance to prove it.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Champ is HERE on Platinum Sound Promotions

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Champ is a 30 year old independent artist who came on to the music scene August 2017.  He's a self taught artist in music, writings and art. From Santa ana California, race is Mexican, born in Guadalajara MEXICO. He's fluent in Spanish and English. Champ has a 15 track full length LP out titled  The resurrection of a Real Gee.  The reason he's barely coming out on the scene now is cause he spent most of his life incarcerated in juvenile hall and 12 years in prison do to criminal activity as a minor.  Now he's out, free and ready to bless the world with his talents!

Terrie Rimson's "Love Come Down" has that Platinum Sound!

R and B singing sensation Terrie Rimson is BACK with another soon-to-go-viral hit single "Love Come Down" where she covers Evelyn Champaign King's early 1980s classic of the same name, but only Terrie Rimson gives it an up to date, modern twist!  

Watch the video and listen to the single above.

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Get to know artist LOU JEFE
SnapChat: Cake Boss 

Label: The Bakery Music Group
C.E.O: Mr Biggs
Artist: Lou Jefe 
Clothing: Bakery Awthentiks
Publishing Company: Bakery Publishing

"Im from the eastside of Milwaukee Wisconsin and I've been doing
music about 10 years!
I started out as a investor for a company by the name of Z.T.E.  Zero Tolerance entertainment investing my money in talented artist because I believed in the dream! I did the for a few years until I wanted to start my own company The Bakery Sound where I learned how produce an engineer to cut cost and to make extra money to invest in promotions. I had many artist at the time and not enough knowledge in budget money so I end up losing all my artist and change the name to The Bakery Beats i didn't have any artist but i still carried and presented myself as a company so I continue to produce.Then January 2016 I decided to rap and be an hip hop artist on my own record label. It hasn't been 2 years of me being a rap artist and I feel I accomplish some unbelievable things it's truly a blessing! I've been a opening act for some of your favorite rap artists in the music industry,
Rap artist such as Migos, Lil Boosie, and Cash Money's newest member BCF Money Man who's featured on my new single Pippen. I work with some of the biggest producers in the music industry such as Cassius Jay who have produce for a wide range of artist from Migos to Justin Bieber and Earl & E who produce French Montana's n**** aint worried about nothing and  Pleasure P boyfriend number 2."

"Doggs That Chase Cats" NEW SINGLE by Powerman MC

Check out the new single from POWERMAN MC titled "Doggs That Chase Cats" by clicking the embedded youtube link above.  Although the song is current, the single has a vintage West Coast vibe to it, but the overall feel is so progressive and refreshing that although it may have a mature sound, it will have your head rocking in today's date!  The song is a certified banger but don't just take our word for it, listen to it for yourself.

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