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Blazed Up Records -C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky From CT
Sean Davis (Born April 12 1988) known as S Dot Breez Dot to some, a.k.a. C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky is a Hartford born graphic artist, portrait artists, songwriter and dancer. The Husky has been drawing and writing killer rhymes since he attended Camren Arace Middle school in Bloomfield CT. His first love was drawing and was inspired by the great Walt Disney to draw and use his imagination. When he started rapping, the first steps were writing his hip-hop verses in the corners of his drawings. Once a friend by the name of Rayshawn Thompson saw his lyrics on a drawing and read them, he told the young husky that you should try rapping.  With that notion, he started to write his lyrics more abroad and showing them off in the lunchroom, art class, and talent shows. Also With heavy rhythm from pop-locking with friends he started to put his rhymes to his dance movement which created a silent beat. The Husky then started to listen and study from the legendary acts such as Tech n9ne, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson and James Brown finding a new style with speed rap and energy. He started to hone in on his musical talents while also using his artistic abilities to create drawings that depicted what he was talking about in his songs.

As time went on the Husky went to Bloomfield high school and focused more on dancing and drawing. While in high school the Husky took it upon himself to then start drawing portraits of the young girls to start gaining attention with the young girls. Shortly after, some of the young girls started to pay the young Husky to draw them. This then enlightened him because it was a way to make his own money and also display his talent. Going through high school, the Husky did find himself in some groups of friends that showed him the ways of the streets and make faster bigger money while camouflaging it with his artwork. While growing and learning he figured that the street life was too boring and repetitive and can lead to nothing but negativity. Upon graduation from high school, the Husky decided to go to Gibbs College in Farmington Connecticut. While attending College, the Husky landed the opportunity to have an internship with the Walt Disney Company. The college program showed him the magic behind the magic and also taught him how to market his own magic properly.

After graduating college in 2008 the Husky found himself only working regular jobs and wanting more. With that in mind, he went with his cousin Javon Campbell to an in-house studio and dropped a couple of vocals as a hype man for his first rap group called Trap Team.  After finding Trap Team they created songs and performed them at open mics with Lovie xl and also performing at the Webster Hall Theater in New York City. Even though these were small-time shows people were recognizing the Husky from music videos and his social media networks displaying his new work with the group. While in the group he adopted the name S Dot Breez Dot that was cleverly thought up by his friend Mark Jones also known as Lens.

Sadly, the group did not make big enough moves to please the other group members so the Husky, once again show courage and ambition to become a solo artist. Going back to his inspiration from Tech N9ne, he saw that Tech was the number one independent rapper in the world. This gave the Husky a new idea to create his own label called Easty Entertainment. When creating the label, the Husky wanted to change his name that best suited him. One night at a family cookout his older cousin Stephanie said: "I'm going to call you Cujo". The reasoning behind the name was because if she offered him a plate, even if he wasn't hungry he would still take it because it was offered to him. Hence the acronym C.U.J.O. His name stands for Cuz yoU Just Offered.

As of right now, the Husky is in full-blown motion to reach the top of the music industry and to bring back money and new ways to get children off the street in CT.  As a new affiliate of Blazed Up Records, he is coming with a couple new songs like "Fire" and "Vicious in CT" feat. General P. This is only the start of a great journey for C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky from CT. So prepare yourself for the restart of real hip hop!!!

C.U.J.O. "Dark Angel" 
Official Video:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

7 Cree - 448 Grams ( Official Music Video) | @7CREE

Chi-Town Hip-Hop Artist, 7Cree serves fans "448


"448 Grams" is the latest single from 7Cree. In this debut video, Cree freestyles and raps with no hook/ chorus and just goes bar for bar. The video - filmed by JR Visualz - displays his lyrical skills and the ability to flow on any beat.
This Chicago Indie Artist is a lyrical, poetic rapper and producer from the East side of Chicago. After releasing his last mixtape in 2015 - "Cree Made It," he instantly became a hip-hop fan favorite. His versatile mixture of conscious and poetic music along with trap beat-based tracks has been played in clubs and heavy play in the streets. 7Cree has become a voice for those, who want to speak out about Chicago violence. His lyrical purpose is to bring more awareness about it and that can be heard in songs such as; "Chicago","The Jeffery Manor" and "The Quiet Things."
The  "448 Grams" visual should dispel all speculation about whether 7 can actually rap - this video gives a clear answer. The song itself can be found on Apple Music and iTunes. Expect to see more because this is only the beginning. He will be working on releasing a major project in the 1st quarter of 2018. Pay close attention to this Chicago Hip-Hop Artist, 7Cree by following him on all social media outlets.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Exclusive Video: @ClemmRishad

Can you crack THE CODE? 

Grammy-nominated songwriter/artist from Tacoma Washington, Clemm Rishad is now carving his name in the music industry by stepping in front of the mic. Clemm is recognized and known for working with artists such as (Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, Rick Ross, Meek Mill) to name a few. The (tac-town) emcee is bringing us, his long-awaited music with the debut track and video "The Code” produced by Grammy Winning Producer, STREETRUNNER.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

{ NEW MUSIC } Passion by Omar Wilson


As a 3-time Apollo winner, Omar Wilson is no stranger to the music scene. He's opened for artists like Boys II Men and The Neville Brothers. His music speaks to his own personal experiences growing up in an urban environment bridging the gap between Hip Hop and Soul. Growing up 30 minutes from New York City, church members at the Calvary Baptist Church in his hometown noticed his ability to have a spiritual impact through his singing at the age of only 7. While performing regularly in New York, fans gravitated towards his unique, gritty vocals. It was at that point that Omar realized what he was born to do, Soul Music.

Omar was named Best R&B Male of the Year for 2 consecutive years at the Underground Music Awards held at BB Kings in NYC. He’s recorded with Multi-Platinum selling artist Angie Stone and DMX featuring them on songs he wrote. Angie Stone was quoted saying “Working with Omar Wilson came naturally and he is one to watch!” Omar and DMX released a single called ‘Faith’ and they connected on the track instantaneously which is audibly tangible. Omar’s voice and personality are contagious. He leaves a long-standing impression wherever he goes, wherever he sings and with whoever he meets. 
The newly released single "Passion" is a gritty, soul/hip-hop record fit for a movie soundtrack.  The song describes a Bonnie & Clyde relationship. "Passion" is already climbing up the U.S charts and is available for purchase on all digital platforms.
To remain in tune with Omar Wilson's journey, connect with him on most social media platforms.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

{ Featured Single } Move Your Body by Phat Eye

BIO : 
Phat Eye is an eighteen-year-old recording artist from Long Island, NY. His new song “Move Your Body” truly shows Phat Eye’s diversity when it comes to the music game. Phat Eye has been seen in the studio with artist such as Bay Swag - who is affiliated with the CYN MOB and Christian Combs and they also have a song out called “I Got The Juice“. Phat Eye is commonly known in the New York area especially on Long Island. Phat Eye currently has over fifty thousand followers on Instagram and continues to grow day by day. Phat Eye is very heavy on social media and many people have heard this song through the #MoveYourBodyChallenge.
In June, Phat Eye had numerous people post videos of them listening, singing, and dancing to his song which went viral and took off! Phat Eye has performed all around New York from CityScapes in Elmhurst to Lust in Brooklyn and he has also performed in smaller venues such as SpaceX in Brooklyn and Blackthorn 51 in Queens. Phat Eye told us “Me and my brothers are ready, it’s not just me. I got a whole team ready to take over!”. Phat Eye’s team is not like most, they are very unique and Phat Eye is not the only artist in the group the other artist’s name is @a0a_ink on all social media. Phat Eye is not afraid to step out of the box when it comes to his music, he has made songs for ladies, streets, and the club. His music shows us how much of a variety he has when it comes to writing music. He has over twenty thousand plays on “Move Your Body” and you can view the rest of his songs on his SoundCloud link below. Show some love to Phat Eye!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

{ Featured Single } "My House" by Fresh Fargo

Fresh Fargo sure knows how to turn the party up and get the crowd jumping with his hit single “My House”. Favored by the majority of Atlanta’s club performers this single is sure to get your next function “Turnt Up”. "My House" has that party flavor mixed with the southern party flow that made artists in the area shine. There’s no doubt that this single can’t get you dancing and singing along, with its catchy instrumental and hook. “My House” has a unique style fit to build the Fresh Fargo brand. If you’re looking for party favorites this record is sure to be a favorite. “My House” is fit for all people, as there is a clean version for the younger audience. So if you're wanting to get live check out “My House” today!! 

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