Friday, November 17, 2017

{ Featured Artist } @brick_diesel83 ‏ "FD Truk"

FD Truk Independent Recording Artist  From Palatka Florida Started Rapping Just A Few Years Ago. He Grew Up with strong musical influences in his family from his Grandfather, Aunts & Twin Brother who started rapping before him and he looks up to as an inspiration. It  Wasn't Until he Was Medically Discharged From the Military That he decided To pursue His Passion for Music Full time. He Now Is Residing In Atlanta Georgia And  Started His Own Recording Label "Black Label Empire".  His debut single "I Want the Money" Was Released on July 20th thru the Label and is available for streaming and Purchase On Select digital retailers such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon & More.The song has a great knocking beat and is pretty much self-explanatory when asked whats next he said  "my music is my life, my family is my heart and my soul belongs to God!. I don't do this to be rich, I just wanna be successful and financially stable for my family" 


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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[MUSIC]The Violent Hippy - "Free Will" ft. K.O Beverly | @TheViolentHippy

East Coast Producer, The Violent Hippy teams up with KO Beverly on debut single, "Free Will"

Brooklyn, New York's very own,  The Violent Hippy collabs with KO Beverly on debut single, "Free Will."  The song was produced by The Violent Hippy and engineered and mastered by KO Beverly. The listener will find the hook very interesting and catchy.
At the age of six, The Violent Hippy experienced the value of a close-knit family in one household. Shortly after, his parents were able to move out to the Poconos, Pennsylvania in search of a much calmer lifestyle. TVH gained a musical interest while attending church and watching his mother often perform during services. At the age of seven while living in Brooklyn, his father unknowingly introduced him to the world of hip-hop  As the years went on and having a genuine adoration for sports, TVH had to choose his next path in life. He ultimately had to decide what he desired in spite of what others wanted. After attending a community college for only seven days, TVH dropped out to pursue music full time.
At the age of 18, The Violent Hippy dropped his first mixtape called"The Tweaked Thoughts Project." As to everyone's surprise, the compilation racked up thousands of plays & hundreds of downloads and introduced the internet and the Poconos to a sound they were not yet familiar. His music is versatile & consists of an unprecedented merger of metal, trap, rap & soul. Most of his fans played a crucial role in fueling his growth. They seemed to resonate with his profoundly passionate soulful flow & delivery, uncanny thought-provoking lyricism and unpredictable yet progressive self-production. His sound has the potential to shift the sound of hip-hop today.

What's next for The Violent Hippy?

Since his first project, The Violent Hippy released 3 Singles from his follow up mixtape. His production can be heard on the tracks' -$OULED ME'  and the most recent single 'Free Will' featuring KO Beverly. 'Adding to the roster, Life's Vices' which features Supa Bwe & KO Beverly hit the worldwide web earlier this year.
With the hopes of building up more anticipation, a follow-up album will arrive before the end of this year. We can't wait to hear what The Violent Hippy is cooking in the lab. Be sure to follow him on all social media outlets to stay in tune with the next project.
The Violent Hippy
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Friday, November 10, 2017

{ NEW MUSIC } @Eminem "Walk On Water"

Eminem Fan's have waited and he finally delivered! "Walk On Water" featuring Beyonce is his newly released single said to be on his forthcoming album titled "The Revival" no word on the actual release date but Eminem supporters are patiently waiting and eager to hear the news. "The Revival" would be his 9th studio album. 

Walk On Water available everywhere now:

Sunday, November 5, 2017

{ NEW MUSIC } @BCole206 "F'N WIT U"

Independent recording artist, B.Cole returns with another high energy anthem, “F’N WIT U.” Coming with the theme of getting money regardless of what everybody else is doing and saying, “F’N WIT U” is the perfect soundtrack to hustling up that holiday bag and even several summertime stuntin’ bags. In addition to motivating listeners to go out there and get it, “F’N WIT U” touches on B.Cole‘s personal story of overcoming the doubt and hate that comes along the road to success, to the tune of hard hitting @JGladMusic production. So, add “F’N WIT U” to your Money Making playlist and keep your eye on the Northwest’s next up.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017


Rapper ODD BALL is certainly one of the next artists to blow for sure!  His fan base is rapidly growing and his buzz is spreading like wildfire!  Stay updated with the rising young gifted artist by following him on TWITTER at this direct link

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

BIRDY certainly has that PLATINUM SOUND

Birdy certainly has that PLATINUM SOUND!  That's why we have him featured here in Platinum Sounds Promotions official website!  Birdy is a Utah based rapper / producer that help put UTAH (a state certainly not known for hip hop) on the map with his summer anthem "West Coast Thing"!  Birdy has been performing a lot of shows all throughout the west coast because of the success of his single!  Get connected with Birdy here at the direct social media links below as well as his music....

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iTunes (west coast thang by birdy) (west coast thang by birdy)

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

{ Featured Artist } @BankrollGimmick

Rising performing artist, as well as producer BANKROLL GIMMICK, is a native of the birthplace of hip-hop, the Boogie Down Bronx. Recording professionally since 2011, Gimmick has taken the time to carefully brand himself both sonically and promotionally. Currently promoting a plethora of releases, he has caught a buzz as a result of the feedback from popular tunes WAYSTRONG, Out the Mud, Bankroll, L.N.A & Ain’t Real. Inspired by some of the greatest contributors to Hip Hop Home Bankroll Gimmick gives credit to his best friend Jerel Patterson as a motivator, & one who was very

instrumental in his musical pursuit. A life-long lover of music, Gimmick draws on personal experience as well as the life experiences of his closest friends, & family to develop the content & substance he has today.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017


Band Gang Records Artist, South Maine drops his Debut Single, "Do You Mind"

  The city of Hope is a place that is unknown for its musical talents. Hip-Hop artist and songwriter, South-Maine is a native of Hope, Arkansas, and is placing his mark there. Band Gang Records Artist, South Maine drops his debut single, "Do You Mind" - a record that speaks volumes for relationships. It speaks to those that know what they're seeking from their companion.

Also, known as; Tremaine Barker was born into a family of musicians -it's no surprise that's he's on the path to success. As the founder and CEO of Band Gang Records, his accomplishments include placement on a top 50 national radio chart and a major label distribution. This exclusive deal is powered by Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group. However, South Maine remains driven and humbled by every opportunity. He can see the bigger picture and not just settle for the local fame. Although his gift helps define him, it's his upbringing by a single mother that keeps him grounded.The value of family is the sole motivating for behind him.South Maine believes that holding on to life's lesson will always lead to success and by definition he's already accomplished that. 

 The highly anticipated single, "Do You Mind" is available now on all digital music platforms. In order to stay in tune, be sure to connect with South Maine on all social media outlets. SOUTH MAINE  



Monday, October 16, 2017


Blazed Up Records -C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky From CT
Sean Davis (Born April 12 1988) known as S Dot Breez Dot to some, a.k.a. C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky is a Hartford born graphic artist, portrait artists, songwriter and dancer. The Husky has been drawing and writing killer rhymes since he attended Camren Arace Middle school in Bloomfield CT. His first love was drawing and was inspired by the great Walt Disney to draw and use his imagination. When he started rapping, the first steps were writing his hip-hop verses in the corners of his drawings. Once a friend by the name of Rayshawn Thompson saw his lyrics on a drawing and read them, he told the young husky that you should try rapping.  With that notion, he started to write his lyrics more abroad and showing them off in the lunchroom, art class, and talent shows. Also With heavy rhythm from pop-locking with friends he started to put his rhymes to his dance movement which created a silent beat. The Husky then started to listen and study from the legendary acts such as Tech n9ne, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson and James Brown finding a new style with speed rap and energy. He started to hone in on his musical talents while also using his artistic abilities to create drawings that depicted what he was talking about in his songs.

As time went on the Husky went to Bloomfield high school and focused more on dancing and drawing. While in high school the Husky took it upon himself to then start drawing portraits of the young girls to start gaining attention with the young girls. Shortly after, some of the young girls started to pay the young Husky to draw them. This then enlightened him because it was a way to make his own money and also display his talent. Going through high school, the Husky did find himself in some groups of friends that showed him the ways of the streets and make faster bigger money while camouflaging it with his artwork. While growing and learning he figured that the street life was too boring and repetitive and can lead to nothing but negativity. Upon graduation from high school, the Husky decided to go to Gibbs College in Farmington Connecticut. While attending College, the Husky landed the opportunity to have an internship with the Walt Disney Company. The college program showed him the magic behind the magic and also taught him how to market his own magic properly.

After graduating college in 2008 the Husky found himself only working regular jobs and wanting more. With that in mind, he went with his cousin Javon Campbell to an in-house studio and dropped a couple of vocals as a hype man for his first rap group called Trap Team.  After finding Trap Team they created songs and performed them at open mics with Lovie xl and also performing at the Webster Hall Theater in New York City. Even though these were small-time shows people were recognizing the Husky from music videos and his social media networks displaying his new work with the group. While in the group he adopted the name S Dot Breez Dot that was cleverly thought up by his friend Mark Jones also known as Lens.

Sadly, the group did not make big enough moves to please the other group members so the Husky, once again show courage and ambition to become a solo artist. Going back to his inspiration from Tech N9ne, he saw that Tech was the number one independent rapper in the world. This gave the Husky a new idea to create his own label called Easty Entertainment. When creating the label, the Husky wanted to change his name that best suited him. One night at a family cookout his older cousin Stephanie said: "I'm going to call you Cujo". The reasoning behind the name was because if she offered him a plate, even if he wasn't hungry he would still take it because it was offered to him. Hence the acronym C.U.J.O. His name stands for Cuz yoU Just Offered.

As of right now, the Husky is in full-blown motion to reach the top of the music industry and to bring back money and new ways to get children off the street in CT.  As a new affiliate of Blazed Up Records, he is coming with a couple new songs like "Fire" and "Vicious in CT" feat. General P. This is only the start of a great journey for C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky from CT. So prepare yourself for the restart of real hip hop!!!

C.U.J.O. "Dark Angel" 
Official Video:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

7 Cree - 448 Grams ( Official Music Video) | @7CREE

Chi-Town Hip-Hop Artist, 7Cree serves fans "448


"448 Grams" is the latest single from 7Cree. In this debut video, Cree freestyles and raps with no hook/ chorus and just goes bar for bar. The video - filmed by JR Visualz - displays his lyrical skills and the ability to flow on any beat.
This Chicago Indie Artist is a lyrical, poetic rapper and producer from the East side of Chicago. After releasing his last mixtape in 2015 - "Cree Made It," he instantly became a hip-hop fan favorite. His versatile mixture of conscious and poetic music along with trap beat-based tracks has been played in clubs and heavy play in the streets. 7Cree has become a voice for those, who want to speak out about Chicago violence. His lyrical purpose is to bring more awareness about it and that can be heard in songs such as; "Chicago","The Jeffery Manor" and "The Quiet Things."
The  "448 Grams" visual should dispel all speculation about whether 7 can actually rap - this video gives a clear answer. The song itself can be found on Apple Music and iTunes. Expect to see more because this is only the beginning. He will be working on releasing a major project in the 1st quarter of 2018. Pay close attention to this Chicago Hip-Hop Artist, 7Cree by following him on all social media outlets.
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