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YouTube's New Exclusive: Step Up: High Water

Step Up: High Water
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Step Up: High Water

Everyone's favorite dance movie goes from the big screens to the small ones in YouTube's latest exclusive, Step Up: High Water. You've heard of the Step Up movies & probably have seen each of them. These movies intertwine some of the hottest dance moves with some of the hottest tracks.

The first Step Up movie debuted in 2006 & starred Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan. Twelve years later, the Step Up franchise is still dancing to the beat & making people move right along with them, only in a different format. Not to mention, & I didn't know this until I researched the show, but Tatum & Dewan met on the set of the 2006 movie & in 2009, they got married. Now they're contributing producers for Step Up: High Water. And, adding to the dance series, the cast also does tutorial videos that show you how to do some of the most epic dance performances from the show. How cool is that?
Step Up: High Water (Cast photo)

Let's get to the coolest cast since Channing & Jenna:

Tal & Janelle: fraternal twins played by Petrice Jones & Lauryn McClain. After their mom gets arrested on drug charges in Ohio, they end up having to move to Atlanta to live with their Uncle Al, played by Faizon Love.

While dealing with being the new kids on the block, the twins get invited to a party being thrown by their neighbor, Dondre, played by Marcus Mitchell. In the midst of mixing & mingling, Janelle runs into one of High Water's own, Rigo--played by Terrence Green. He approached her & asked her to dance, which led to the unforgettable entrance of Poppy's character--Rigo's ex-- played by Kendra Oyesanya. Poppy & Janelle's run-in isn't exactly a pleasant one, which kicks off the rival between the two. The controversy starts the dialogue that offers Janelle the information she's been looking for: High Water is located in Atlanta.

Surprised by the news, she wants her brother, Tal to cover for her while she auditions for a spot in the school. The day of open auditions she runs into characters Odalie, played by Jade Chynoweth, & Davis, played by Carlito Olivero. Through auditioning, she meets the DJ, King--played by Eric Graise. She also meets the school administrator, Collette Jones, played by the beautiful Naya Rivera, & the founder of the school, Sage Odom, played by the infamous Ne-Yo.

I can't really disclose anymore information without actually giving away the show's most minuscule details that only one who watches the show would be able to know. I've watched the first four episodes, which YouTube Red allows: you can watch the first four episodes for free. However, to catch the rest of the show a paid subscription to YouTube Red is needed. The subscription is only $9.99 a month and well worth it. This show alone will make this purchase worth your wild.

To begin your subscription & start watching Step Up: High Water, click here. All episodes began streaming January 31st so you're not too far behind.

Not to mention, when you purchase the subscription to YouTube Red you can also play your videos offline. So, if you want to watch an episode later, after school, work, or whenever you get a free moment: you can. You can download the videos to a playlist created by you in order to watch offline whenever you feel like it.

I'm including the trailer for the show below; then, following, are the links to follow the cast members on Twitter & Facebook. Be sure to click the links to follow the cast & support the members of the show & the show itself.

I appreciate you visiting & reading up on the latest entry in the Step Up franchise & I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have. #KeepWatching


Main Cast Members:

Janelle -- Lauryn McClain -- FaceBook/Twitter
Tal -- Petrice Jones -- FaceBook/Twitter
Dondre -- Marcus Mitchell -- FaceBook/Twitter
Rigo -- Terrence Green -- FaceBook/Twitter
King -- Eric Graise -- FaceBook 
Poppy -- Kendra Oyesanya -- FaceBook/Twitter
Odalie -- Jade Chynoweth -- FaceBook/Twitter
Davis -- Carlito Olivero -- FaceBook/Twitter
Ms. Collette Jones -- Naya Rivera -- FaceBook/Twitter
Sage Odom -- Ne-Yo -- Facebook/Twitter

Step Up: High Water | Cast | Dance Intros

I hope you enjoyed the content. Be sure to follow the cast: they're amazingly talented artists & will definitely inspire you to get up & move. 

Subscribe to the show, #StepUpHighWater, on #YouTube here!


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[MUSIC] Eastside Boyz "GETTEM" | @eastsideboyzATL

Big Sam and Lil Bo

About The Eastside Boyz

In 1996 the Eastside Boyz aka known as Big Sam and Lil Bo began their rise to fame when they released a song with “The King of Crunk” himself Lil Jon titled “Who You Wit”. The song was originally written by Big Sam back in 1993. The song blew up all over the Atlanta region and worldwide within the first year. In 1997 the group signed with Mirror Image Records and then recorded their first official full album titled Who You Wit Get Crunk which in turn went gold. As the hype was building for the group they built a solid foundation for themselves and in 2001 Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz signed their first major/indie deal with TVT Records. The group remained on TVT Records from 2001-2005 which under this time managed to release 4 full albums, Put Your Hood Up (Which went Platinum), King of Crunk (2x Platinum), Part II, Crunk Juice ( 3x Platinum). Other than the platinum status of each of their albums also appeared in various TV shows such as Soul Plane and made an appearance in a movie in 2012 titled Recognize.

  Making a Comeback 

The Eastside Boyz minus  Lil Jon titled GETTEM was released in the spring of 2016 seems to be the spring anthem even in 2018.The single has over 264,000 streams and continuing to rise. The single has no sign of slowing down. With the high energy that everyone loves from the southern rap genre, this single is sure to get you on your feet. The single has also been used for a ATLANTA FALCONS highlight video that was surfaced on YOUTUBE. Guest features contain artists as Bonecrusher, Don P, and Lil LA from Trillville a legend with the crunk sound. You can find the single on all streaming sites including SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC.





Thursday, February 22, 2018



The truth is "Nothing ever came without work - Nothing ever happens behind fear. It's life, just live your dream. There's a up and coming rapper from the DMV area that lives this truth.

The artist that goes by the name of Nyke Ness presents his version of "Roll In Peace." His two-minute freestyle version displays his passion for metaphors and witty wordplay and the production by ABID. With only two weeks of Soundcloud streams ranking over 1100, it has people screaming - "Kodak who?".

Repping the 'Dopamean' brand, Nyke Ness, and the DME Team aim to take 2018 by storm!! This group of collective DMV talent pride themselves on using witty punch lines and creative delivery. This regimen has penetrated the ear canals of their fans; just as many of their favorite emcees have done before (Biggie, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Drake, Vic Mensa, Etc.).

With that said, Nyke Ness would like no comparisons as he aims to create his lane of his own with his spin on the new age rap game. His creative flows and magnetic delivery will command the attention of all that listen. Be sure to connect with Nyke Ness on all social media circuits. He'll be coming to an ear canal near you.




Teen Sensation, Alyssa Colon makes her mark with New Single, "I'm Gucci"

Long Island, New York is home to 16-year- old singer Alyssa Colón. Since beginning her musical journey at age three, Alyssa has never stopped singing to her own beat. When asked about the inspiration behind her decision to pursue a musical career, Alyssa reflects on her relationship with late grandfather. A true musician himself, her grandfather would often play guitar, and eventually taught Alyssa how to sing along. This special bond is significant in Alyssa’s career, as it paved the way for her future in music. As Alyssa’s grandfather continued to coach her, she began to learn the fabric of her own sound. I continued to grow as a singer, and it made me want to do music, said Alyssa. As she kept perfecting her craft, she also ventured into playing instruments, specifically with piano.
This is a true reflection of the artist’s commitment to exceeding any boundaries, as the singer does not believe in limiting herself in her career. Music means so much to me, said Alyssa. So many of my favorite artists, like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, have an impact on their fans through their words, and I want to put that kind of impact on others. The 16-year- old makes it her mission to be somebody in this industry that fans and listeners can relate to and rely on for support. Through spreading light and positivity, she continues to do just that.

 Looking to the future, the singer hopes to put a lasting impact on people who come to her music. She plans to go the extra mile to inspire people in the process, and do so much more than merely releasing music just to do so. “I love music and being an artist in general. Putting out music is a different story, and though I plan to do that, I also want to help people,” said Alyssa. Through the positive message delivered through her meaningful lyrics, she hopes to brighten up someone’s day, day in and day out. Whether it is on tour or at a stop along the way, Alyssa’s desire is for her fans to feel comfortable relying on her through life experiences. Her musical style, which includes pop mixed with a RnB feel, is extremely versatile.

Her overall artistic persona is something that sets her apart from the rest. “My music is going to be different," said Alyssa. I want to do a mix of things that other artists aren’t currently doing. I want to bring back the RnB vibe, and I feel I can do that with my voice and style of music." There are major things in the work for this talented singer, and the sky is the absolute limit. Her current single, “I’m Gucci” is a teenage girl’s perspective of being very confident with goals.

Alyssa is serving bossiness on this track and is warning her peers that are hanging out, that she has a totally different agenda. The hook ” I’m Gucci, I’m Bougie, and I can be a little snooty, Don’t test me, Don’t mess with me, but you will see a lot of press about me!” Here I am making my mark, selling hits and I’m gonna to spark.” is very catchy.

Alyssa is definitely bound for stardom with this hit and will be serving more in the near future. We won’t be letting the cat out of the bag. You’re just going be in suspense until she drops another one with a very notable artist in the hip-hop game. Stay tuned for major things in the works for this talented singer.

 Connect on social media: 

[MUSIC] "One Night" by Anonamous Feat Tracy The Rarebreed | @AnonamousLife

Up and coming Ohio artist has been taking the internet by storm with his newly released single and it’s steadily gaining momentum.  Since it’s January 2018 release the record has been placed on top radio stations internet and FM such as Bigshot Radio, Straight Official radio, Blazin’ 92.3, The Wiz 97.9 and more. Other than the major stations that caught on to this highly recognized record, some major Djs and even some major labels have caught wind of this up and coming artists movement.

The record is a high energy anthem giving you the motivation to go out and get it. Some would compare this with a new age club anthem but that isn’t the case, mixed with tight bars “Anonamous” comes in with some very catchy singing which brings out the RnB favor that most records are converting to. What sets this record apart from most is the message that this song brings and the eagerness to win. Anonamous makes it very clear within this record that he is far from a one-hit wonder. Mentions of being national on the Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) charts is an understatement. With one tour completed and another coming soon, could “One Night” be his access to the industry? Anonamous brings the flame and the dedication to make his movement thrive. You can sit and listen to this record over and over, and it is sure to hype you up and get your motivated to follow your dreams. Winning is sure in this young artist future and you can be sure to hear more from this artist.

You can download this single on all digital platforms including ITunes, Amazon, google play, etc. Go and support this hot artist as he’s about to take off! 


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Black Panther: Most Anticipated Movie & Soundtrack of 2018

Do you even realize how CLOSE it is to the premiere of what is looking to be the highest grossing movie of 2018?!?

Black Panther has been one of the most awaited Marvel characters to have its own movie since Marvel began creating character movies. If ANY character has had a high demand rating, it's Black Panther.

I just want you to look at these cool ass pictures for the movie!! These photos are freaking AMAZE-BALLS!!! Right? Yeah, you agree! Now, read on to get the scoop on the latest everything Black Panther soundtrack, how you can pre-order & how to get your movie tickets before they sell out!

 Making his big screen debut in the iconic Captain America: Civil War movie, Marvel geeks demanded a Black Panther movie. Well, the time is near...we've gotten what we wished for!! 

Herein I'll be going through the lead characters briefly, and everything will lead up to the legendary Black Panther soundtrack. Produced by Kendrick Lamar, this soundtrack is more than likely going to be the greatest of 2018. I seriously do not know another movie coming out this year that has a soundtrack THIS talked about. Every blog. Every radio show. Everyone is talking about this album release on the 9th. Are you?

Get your fix below.

Back to the heartbeat of the Civil War, Captain America set his focus on trying to clear the name of his best friend, Bucky Barnes, who was framed for the killing of T’Challa’s father in an explosion that he had no recollection.

Bucky was framed by Dr. Zemo, which the movie later revealed was the real culprit behind the death of T’Challa’s father. T’Challa stopped Zemo from killing himself after claiming he won’t allow himself to be consumed by vengeance anymore.

Fast forward to the Black Panther movie breakdown: the death of a king leads to the rise of a rivalry as T’Challa must prove throughout the movie that he is worthy of the position. With foes like Killmonger & others, the fight scenes are bound to be unbelievable!

Set in Wakanda, the home of Black Panther & the most powerful resource in the world: vibranium, this movie features an all black lead cast & director, Ryan Coogler.

The characters! This has got to be the BEST casting of characters since... forever.

It's Chad Boseman...the man behind the mask: Black Panther, himself.
You have the step mother, Ramonda played by Angela Bassett.

Then there’s Black Panther’s sister, Shuri, being played by Letitia Wright (left) & his love interest, Nakia, being played by Lupita Nyong’o (right).

Below there’s Danai Gurira as Okoye, which is the leader of Dora Milaje, which is a group of all female badass warriors that defend the kingdom.
And you can’t forget Zuri, which is cast as T’Challa’s advisor & played by the iconic Forest Whitaker.
You then have the rival, Erik Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan.

Then there’s M’Baku being played by Winston Duke (left).

And W'Kabi played by Daniel Kaluuya (right), whom you may remember from the creepy Get Out movie.

Lastly, you have Ulysses Klaue, played by Andy Serkis (left); and don’t leave out Ross’ character played by Martin Freeman (right).

 Bottom line,
this is going to be a trailblazer for the Marvel universe as they progress into the upcoming Avengers movie, Infinity War, which debuts in a few months.

this movie is going to be epic.

(All photos are property of Marvel Studios & utilized for promotional use only.)

Alright, you have the background to the movie....but let me break down this album though!!!

Kendrick Lamar & Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) team up to produce the hottest album to date. With Kendrick putting 5 new songs out for this album, he teams up with artists like Schoolboy Q, Sza, Ab-Soul, Travis Scott, Jay Rock, Future, Swae Lee, The Weeknd & others. With some of the hottest collaborations & solos the industry has heard, everyone is anticipating its release on the 9th, just one week before the public release of Black Panther.

Track List: 
Black Panther ~~ Kendrick Lamar

All the Stars ~~ Kendrick Lamar + Sza

X ~~ Schoolboy Q + 2 Chainz + Saudi

The Ways ~~ Khalid + Swae Lee

Opps ~~ Vince Staples + Yugen Blakrok

I Am ~~ Jorja Smith

Paramedic! ~~ SOB x RBE

Bloody Waters ~~ Ab-Soul + Anderson .Paak + James Blake

King's Dead ~~ Kendrick Lamar + Jay Rock + Future + James Blake

Redemption Interlude

~~ Zacari + Babes Wodumo

Seasons ~~ Mozzy + Sjava + Reason

Big Shot ~~ Kendrick Lamar + Travis Scott

Pray For Me ~~ The Weeknd + Kendrick Lamar

Some of these artists, I won't lie, I had to Google. But for the rest of them, such as Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, The Weeknd, Zacari, and others...I'm curious to see what they'll come up with and how these songs are going to be played throughout the movie.

Although this album doesn't release until February the 9th, it's already looking like a must-buy. And you can go ahead and have yours pre-ordered either through iTunes or Amazon.

The three singles below from the Black Panther album should hold you over until the official unveiling. You can view their audio videos below:
All the Stars

King's Dead 

Pray for Me

Did you know this album is ALREADY #1 and it hasn't even been completely released yet? That is insane! I don't know another soundtrack that has had THIS MUCH hype. It's almost unreal.

Nonetheless, you didn't think I was going to leave you without the trailer to the most anticipated movie of the year did you? I'm pretty sure we've all seen them...but the trailers are so dope that you could compile them all to make your own mini version of the movie until it actually releases on the 16th!
No...but probably could!
Well, here's to Black Panther having the coolest trailers since the beginning of the Fast & the Furious franchise...

Be sure to grab those tickets before they sell out.
Go HERE & when you purchase your ticket you get a FREE POSTER!!
Who doesn't like free stuff?
As always, I hope you enjoyed the post. I enjoyed writing it. Now, there's 2 very important things you need to right now:
Pre-Order your soundtrack
Get your movie tickets

Don't be left out when they've sold out.

The movie releases February 16th & the album releases February 9th.
Let me know in the comments which song you can't wait to hear in the movie. And come back once you've seen the movie, and let me know what you thought about it.

Until next time...

Rachel Marie
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[ARTIST TO WATCH] Kelz Kelz | @kelz520

Kelz Kelz is a hot new artist repping CLEVELAND, OH under Wattsy Music Ent management! She comes from a rough background, 3 year prison bid, strongly discriminated against, she is a true inspiration for people who dream about turning their dark past into a bright future. In her 2 years of making music she has already gained the attention of MILLIONS! Going viral with 2 million views on Facebook for her “Bodak Yellow Remix” in 2017! Her CRAZY flow in the rap game, along with her ability to switch it up and go R&B is winning the hearts of people all over the world (Especially the Ladies). Her consistent and creative grind is something refreshing to the rap game. With zero family support she managed to take over the entire Ohio Valley in the matter of a year, winning a total of 4 OVHH Awards in January 2017! (Artist Of the Year, Video Of The Year, Best Ep/Album, and Best Duo). She has opened up for Corey Gunz (2015), DJ Unk (2015), Waka Flaka (2015), Montana Of 300 (2015)(2017) Lil Reese (2016) Yemipalooza Music Festival (2017) and has headlined  several shows in the Ohio Valley. She also has modeled for independent clothing companies such as KILLIGRAPHY (Pittsburgh) and Redemption (Wheeling). You can be expecting to see a lot more of this girl in the very near future!!!