Sunday, September 17, 2017

Flyy Drexler's new single "Bring You Down" has that PLATINUM SOUND

Flyy Drexler "Bring You Down" (CLEAN)

Flyy Drexler's new single "Bring You Down" certainly have that Platinum Sound!  From the infectious piano laced track, to Flyy Drexler's memorable verses and well pieced together hook that will still in your mind for hours, this song is certainly a certified banger.  Don't just take our word for it, listen to it for yourself at

Allen Saint Phillips "Shots Heard Around The World" single has that PLATINUM SOUND

Check out the new single and music video from singer Allen Saint Phillips titled "Shots Heard Around The World".  Listen to the heartfelt lyrics to accompany the visuals and the message in the song.  If you like the song and would like more information on the artist, check out his official promo blog at

Saturday, September 16, 2017

DA-MIND certainly has that PLATINUM SOUND

Da-Mind is originally from Beaufort S.C.  After high school he moved to Atlanta, GA to chase his dream as a Hip Hop recording artist.  Not only his he a rapper but he's also the CEO of Da-Mind, LLC an independent record label.  As a songwriter he only chooses the best for his fans, and as an artist he chooses wisely of what he wants his fans to hear, he recently stated.  

Da Mind says that he is bringing "smoking hot tracks without all the drug use and violence".  His new single "I'M NEW "is smoking hot and a chart topper once it start to hit the air waves, Follow DA MIND on TWITTER @DaMindakaJames


Thursday, September 14, 2017


When it comes to the music and entertainment industry as a whole, the climate has certainly changed when it comes to making money from your intellectual property.  These days, selling CDs, merch and doing live shows isn't the only (or currently the most effective) way artists can earn money or see a return on their investment.  In order to survive as an artist economically in this vastly changing world of music, artists now have to come up with more unconventional ways to earn a living from their art and brands.

Just one of the many ways artists can expand their portfolio and revenue streams is to..... simply...... release a book!  Yes, a book!  Many artists are slowly jumping with many publishing companies to release books to accompany their music and merchandise.  Books about their life, lyrics to their songs, books centered around their rise to stardom and even fiction!  

Artists that are looking to release a book without many of the hassles and obstacles of other publishing companies are in luck if they decide to publish with Sunshine Blackrose Publications!  

Check out their official website at this direct link

Sunshine BlackRose Publications LLC is a publishing company established in 2015 and made for the independent writer.  We have reasonable prices and offer exceptional quality work.  We have a wide range of services from publishing, editing, book cover designs, self-publishing consultations to marketing.  

If you are a writer that wants to maintain all rights to your work, and have it stand out in the sea of self-published and independent authors then SBR Publications is certainly for you.

Sunshine Blackrose Publications was also recently featured in the "Business Spotlight" section of Blacktopia.
Check out Blacktopia at 

Twicy's single "Head Up" has that PLATINUM SOUND!

Afro-pop sensation TWICY's new single "Head Up" certainly has that "Platinum Sound" and Platinum Sound Promotions is proud to feature the single!  The song "Head Up" is very inspirational and uplifting, and with all the natural disasters and violence going on in the world, the song the positive energy and encouraging words sang in the song "Head Up" couldn't have come at a better time!

Listen to the single at this direct link and post your feedback below...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

{ Featured Artist } Anonamous

Born in Toledo, Ohio,writer and hip-hop artist Reuben “Anonamous” Clark, wasn’t always a fan of rap. With 4 siblings and coming from a broken home, R&B music & basketball kept him a float. Anonamous would soon find a passion for rap music from numerous influences: rap artists Lil Zane, Cassidy, Eminem, Dr.Dre, 2 Pac, Nas, Notorious B.I.G and friend/producer “Bay”. One influence in particular, a brother with sickle cell anemia who would watch him write his rhymes. Anonamous realized that his growing love for music would be the very platform needed to change the lives of his, his family and those unknown.
While attending Woodward High School, a group called MARXMEN, that included Anonamous and two other members, put out two mixtapes but fell apart after graduation in 2004. Realizing his hunger in music was different, Anonamous went solo. Being called “unpredictable” and always feeling like the outcast, Reuben came up with name “Anonamous” and ran with it. Once going solo Anonamous invested in his craft. The high-energy, true performer started doing shows at Skully’s Bar & Grill in Columbus, Ohio with Coast to Coast mixtapes. From there he went on to perform in different cities across the United States, appearing on “Blaze The Stage” at 106&Park, and a recent tour with Starlife Tours.

Since April 2016, Anonamous recently signed with Wealth Nation Entertainment and working with celebrity business manager Robert Terell. Working on a mixtape and pushing to release new single entitled “WHYYYY” produced by Crobett. Anonamous is for sure he is on the path he feels he can change lives. Alongside being a hip-hop artist, Anonamous works at a rehab center helping troubled kids find their way. Knowing what it’s like to feel left out & lost with no way out, Anonamous shares his heart & struggles to help build and guide the youth into becoming a someone they can be proud of. Anonamous will stop at nothing to turn his dreams into reality and pass down the knowledge he gained to help another aspiring artist turn their dreams into reality.



 Single "One Night" coming to all digital outlets Oct 18th, 2017 be sure to reserve your copy!!!

Afro-Ton group LOS NAPOLEONES has that PLATINUM SOUND, check them out!

Check out the amazing sounds from Afro-Ton super group LOS NAPOLEONES.

Check out their music and links below and post your feedback!

Group of Afro-Cuban : Los Napoleones Style music : Afro-ton ( reggaeton + Afro) Label : Daleyamusic Email :


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