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{ NEW MUSIC } @CyhiThePrynce

If you know anything about hip-hop, you know this artist. Cyhi the Prynce, formally with Def Jam, a short-lived stint with Konvict Muzik, & Kanye West's label GOOD Music, now resides with Sony.

Hailing from Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta, real hip-hop has yet to make a comeback. It's all trap rap & that's not what his M.O. is. When he started out with Def Jam, they didn't want to let him be the performer he was, but yet wanted him to do the same type of music that was popular: trap rap. So he distanced himself and now, with his new album out, he's making waves and his fans are glad he's finally got something new out for them to vibe to. 

Though Prynce didn't have an official album, however, he's had plenty of mixtapes, like Black Hystori Project 1 & 2: NAACP, Jack of All Trades, Ivy League: Kickback...and tons of features, such titles as "Cash Flow", "Get Off", and more. So it's not like he hasn't been working. His repertoire is extensive. It's just without an actual album out, he was unable to show how he could benefit a label & show them a return on investment. 

One of my favorite songs by this artist is titled "One Woman Man". It shows his versatility as an artist. When his pen meets paper, there's sparks...and by the time he's done writing, there's a full fledged flame! 

I've not heard a song I didn't like by Cyhi. And I doubt I will. He is one of the more consistent artists that definitely deserves more of the limelight than what he is getting at this point. 

Underrated is an understatement.

Like most underground artists, his struggle was not having the backing to properly promote and market his music, which is why it's taken so long for him to actually come out with anything new and substantial. And it's sad that artists such as Lil Pump and Lil Uzi Vert can get tons of publicity for basically making noises over beats but someone as talented and lyrically inclined as this artist doesn't even get a chance to get his break. Now, don't get me wrong, if you like that type of music, then that's fine with me and everyone else...but some of us actually prefer actual lyrics when we listen to music.

But the wait is over. His new studio album, "No Dope On Sundays" is out & it is AMAZING!!! From track 1 to 15, you won't skip over anything. Every song is lyrical ingenuity. From his metaphors to his analogies to his double entendres this album is one that any hip-hop fan will want to add to their collection. I am absolutely in love with this album. 

 R.A.P.= Rhythm & Poetry...If ANYONE is a R.A.P God...Cyhi is.

Audio Video: No Dope On Sundays
Audio Video: Murda ft/Estelle

I already know you're over there bobbin ya head & making those stank faces like 'ooooweeee, yessss ABOUT TIME'!! Yes! 

I understand wholeheartedly!! 😆

Okay...I'm going to give you the links where you can go support Cyhi & purchase this album. 

Aye...before I forget to tell you...he's got a track with Jagged Edge, too! Ah! 

Okay, okay...preview the rest of his album below & to go ahead and make that purchase, because I know you want to own this HERE for iTunes or HERE for Amazon.

Alright, now I'm going to leave you with his social media links so you can go follow him & stay updated on everything he's got coming up.

Enjoy the music. Support the artist.

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{ NEW MUSIC } @Eminem "Revival"

Fans from all walks of life, age, continents, etc have patiently been waiting for a new album from multi-platinum artist Eminem. The last album that was released was his 2013 debut album the “MMLP2” which is stated to be a sequel to his “MMLP” that was released in May of 2000, which by far is his most popular album with 35 million worldwide sales. It’s no secret that Eminem has been named the best-selling rap artist of this generation with numerous chart-topping albums such as the “Eminem Show”, the “Slim Shady LP”, and “Encore” to just name a few. Fans or as Eminem refers to them as “Stan’s” eagerly await what’s next for this highly talented hip-hop artist.

Eminem seems to not release too much information on to what he’s up to with his music but has been known to make various features on such singles as “The Hills Remix” by The Weeknd, “Best Friend” by Yelawolf, “No Favors” by Big Sean and more. The rap god also created a project with former friend and fellow Detroit Artist “Royce Da 5’9” creating the extra project and rap duo “Bad Meets Evil” which was a major thing back in 2011 with hit singles, Fast Lane, Lighters Feat Bruno Mars, and Above the law.

In 2016 Eminem made his presence known with his 7-minute freestyle about the then-presidential candidate and now current president Donald J. Trump titled “Campaign Speech” and the question lingered by “Stan’s” from all over, Has the real Slim Shady stood back up?

October 6th, 2017 everyone’s questions were partly answered when the rap god made his debut appearance on BET’s hip-hop awards cypher, blasting his aim at president trump. It then went viral with Eminem’s innovative marketing scheme, portraying a new drug called “Revival”. It was then confirmed by Eminem’s manager that the “Drug Commercial Advert” was really letting everyone know of a new album titled “Revival”

So, all Stan’s prayers have been answered by the rap god. Nov 10th, 2017 Eminem released his first and lead single to the new project titled “Walk on Water” featuring Beyoncé and it went viral! Everyone from all over including radio stations, blogs, magazines, etc went nuts over the new record. It’s been over 1 year since he made his own track, and this was an amazing comeback by Slim Shady.

 On Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2017 the internet was set on fire when Eminem released his 2nd single from the “Revival” project “Untouchable” which is a 6-minute record discussing white privilege, racism in the system, and more.

So, with all the hype, the shady team has finally posted for the “Revival” project release date. So be sure to get your copy of his 9th studio album Dec. 15th, 2017 with guest appearances from artists such as Phreser, Skylar Grey, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Pink and more. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

{NEW MUSIC} HOME by @MachineGunKelly @BebeRexha & @XAmbassadors

NEW MUSIC HOME machinegunkelly beberexha xambassadors
"Home": created for the upcoming Netflix original, Bright, which features Will Smith & Joel Edgerton to name just a few.

I've to be honest: this has to be the most magical collaboration since Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston created "Hero"...the name of the song? "Home". The artists? MGK, Bebe Rexha & X Ambassadors.

Fans of each of these separately, and to put them all on one project is simply like watching the cosmos explode! It's the spark of the new universe of music! And I'm here for it! It's hip-hop meets pop meets alternative rock; if you like any of these artists you have to give this track a chance. Just close your eyes and listen to the blends of the vocals and the journey the lyrics take you on. It's an adventure in a song. And I haven't came across a song like that in a LONG time. Definitely one to be on your playlist.

HOME NEW MUSIC machinegunkelly beberexha xambassadorsNetflix & chill? Gladly for this's Fifth Element meets Men In Black with Will Smith as the lead actor.

The song was written for the upcoming album that also features artists like Future, A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign, Snoop Dog, Logic, Camila Cabello, and more.

With fairies, orcs, humans, and elves coexisting, it is bound to be an adventure. Two cops: Smith & his orc partner, played by Edgerton, have to keep the peace between the diverse population.

You can catch this exclusive on December 22nd.
And you can pick up the complete album December 15th. However, you can preview & pre-order the album today by visiting Amazon: just click here.

The video for "Home" is astounding. The direction is trying to bring people together and with clips from the film, this song fits this movie like a glove. I am 100 percent sure you will enjoy this video and this song just as much as I have. {watch below}

If you follow either of these musical greats alone, you'll love their collaboration. This album will definitely go down in history as a soundtrack classic. One to own and one to have on your playlist.

You can find these artists on any of their platforms below:


Bebe Rexha:


As always: enjoy the the artists.

Until next time...

Rachel Marie
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

{Featured Artist} Introducing Sunny Leigh



" Success Is The Best Revenge " The Mixtape Coming Soon ... Sunny Leigh ... Dirty Muzik Ent.

Youtube Videos

INSTAGRAM @therealsunnyleigh

Monday, November 27, 2017

{RISING STAR} Artist to Watch: NSYT

Artist to watch NSYT
Rising Stars:

How do you know when you've found a rising star? Well, there's a few star traits that I look for, which are: undeniable talent & progression, among others but those are the main two.

There's a lot of talented artists to watch, sure...but not all are worthy of the RISING STAR artist to watch label. And here's why: you want to be able to follow an artist that you like into their journey of stardom and watch them succeed. If an artist you like isn't making progress, then where are you following them to? Exactly. Another thing, what makes you want to pick up an artist's album? Especially if they're not mainstream? It's got everything to do with their progression, how they're marketing their music, and the branding that is associated with that. If an artist can make you want to buy their album just by listening to a few songs and watching a few videos, then you've found yourself a talented artist. But, if you go to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other channels and start following them? Well, you've found yourself a rising star!

Which brings me to this week's RISING STAR: NSYT

Who is NSYT?

Pronounced 'insight', standing for "Never Surrender Your Talent", this Virginia native hip-hop & rap artist is this week's RISING STAR!

Artist to watch NSYTBorn Jason Tyson, this Virginia native has been a YouTube sensation since 2014. Becoming more popular over the years & acquiring more fans with his high energy performances, he's opened up for other artists such as: Tech N9ne, Slaughterhouse, Hopsin, Ces Cru, and more. Have you ever heard a song you just wanted to get up and move to? Music that had a message but made you hype? This is that type of music. He has songs that let others know who's boss, songs that empower others, songs to vibe to, songs to dance to, songs to ride to, and overall songs that you can get hype to. His music is high energy & lyrical. With word play close to that of some of your favorite rappers, he definitely has earned his spot on this list of rising stars.

Graffiti the World NSYT
Graffiti The World: NSYT
He has a style all his own, though there are some stylistic traits where you can tell he was inspired by certain artists who have paved the way for upcoming hip-hop and rap artists. When I first heard his music, he gave me vibes like those of MGK with a hint of Eminem and a dash of Yelawolf. And he's in good company, because each of those artists have made names for themselves. And NSYT is right behind them. His time is definitely now. With his new album "Graffiti the World" out now on iTunes and other platforms, you have the ability to support an artist's growth.

You can preview his new album "Graffiti the World", out NOW on iTunes!

You can visit his website here to learn more about the artist behind the music. And be sure to follow him on TWITTER & FACEBOOK. Also, be sure to subscribe to his YOUTUBE channel, which you can do by following the video below.


I am always ecstatic to bring in new artists with awesome content. Stay tuned because there's going to be a new RISING STAR artist every MONDAY!

Enjoy the the artist.

Until next time...

Rachel Marie
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Friday, November 17, 2017

{ Featured Artist } @brick_diesel83 ‏ "FD Truk"

FD Truk Independent Recording Artist  From Palatka Florida Started Rapping Just A Few Years Ago. He Grew Up with strong musical influences in his family from his Grandfather, Aunts & Twin Brother who started rapping before him and he looks up to as an inspiration. It  Wasn't Until he Was Medically Discharged From the Military That he decided To pursue His Passion for Music Full time. He Now Is Residing In Atlanta Georgia And  Started His Own Recording Label "Black Label Empire".  His debut single "I Want the Money" Was Released on July 20th thru the Label and is available for streaming and Purchase On Select digital retailers such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon & More.The song has a great knocking beat and is pretty much self-explanatory when asked whats next he said  "my music is my life, my family is my heart and my soul belongs to God!. I don't do this to be rich, I just wanna be successful and financially stable for my family" 


Stream "I Want The Money" today:

Follow FD Truk today:


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[MUSIC]The Violent Hippy - "Free Will" ft. K.O Beverly | @TheViolentHippy

East Coast Producer, The Violent Hippy teams up with KO Beverly on debut single, "Free Will"

Brooklyn, New York's very own,  The Violent Hippy collabs with KO Beverly on debut single, "Free Will."  The song was produced by The Violent Hippy and engineered and mastered by KO Beverly. The listener will find the hook very interesting and catchy.
At the age of six, The Violent Hippy experienced the value of a close-knit family in one household. Shortly after, his parents were able to move out to the Poconos, Pennsylvania in search of a much calmer lifestyle. TVH gained a musical interest while attending church and watching his mother often perform during services. At the age of seven while living in Brooklyn, his father unknowingly introduced him to the world of hip-hop  As the years went on and having a genuine adoration for sports, TVH had to choose his next path in life. He ultimately had to decide what he desired in spite of what others wanted. After attending a community college for only seven days, TVH dropped out to pursue music full time.
At the age of 18, The Violent Hippy dropped his first mixtape called"The Tweaked Thoughts Project." As to everyone's surprise, the compilation racked up thousands of plays & hundreds of downloads and introduced the internet and the Poconos to a sound they were not yet familiar. His music is versatile & consists of an unprecedented merger of metal, trap, rap & soul. Most of his fans played a crucial role in fueling his growth. They seemed to resonate with his profoundly passionate soulful flow & delivery, uncanny thought-provoking lyricism and unpredictable yet progressive self-production. His sound has the potential to shift the sound of hip-hop today.

What's next for The Violent Hippy?

Since his first project, The Violent Hippy released 3 Singles from his follow up mixtape. His production can be heard on the tracks' -$OULED ME'  and the most recent single 'Free Will' featuring KO Beverly. 'Adding to the roster, Life's Vices' which features Supa Bwe & KO Beverly hit the worldwide web earlier this year.
With the hopes of building up more anticipation, a follow-up album will arrive before the end of this year. We can't wait to hear what The Violent Hippy is cooking in the lab. Be sure to follow him on all social media outlets to stay in tune with the next project.
The Violent Hippy
Connect on Social Media:

Friday, November 10, 2017

{ NEW MUSIC } @Eminem "Walk On Water"

Eminem Fan's have waited and he finally delivered! "Walk On Water" featuring Beyonce is his newly released single said to be on his forthcoming album titled "The Revival" no word on the actual release date but Eminem supporters are patiently waiting and eager to hear the news. "The Revival" would be his 9th studio album. 

Walk On Water available everywhere now:

Sunday, November 5, 2017

{ NEW MUSIC } @BCole206 "F'N WIT U"

Independent recording artist, B.Cole returns with another high energy anthem, “F’N WIT U.” Coming with the theme of getting money regardless of what everybody else is doing and saying, “F’N WIT U” is the perfect soundtrack to hustling up that holiday bag and even several summertime stuntin’ bags. In addition to motivating listeners to go out there and get it, “F’N WIT U” touches on B.Cole‘s personal story of overcoming the doubt and hate that comes along the road to success, to the tune of hard hitting @JGladMusic production. So, add “F’N WIT U” to your Money Making playlist and keep your eye on the Northwest’s next up.

Follow BCole Today:

Twitter: @BCole206

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Rapper ODD BALL is certainly one of the next artists to blow for sure!  His fan base is rapidly growing and his buzz is spreading like wildfire!  Stay updated with the rising young gifted artist by following him on TWITTER at this direct link

Check out ODD BALL's official promo blog at