Friday, September 29, 2017

[MUSIC] Phat Eye "Move Your Body" | @phat_eye

BIO : 
Phat Eye is an eighteen-year-old recording artist from Long Island, NY. His new song “Move Your Body” truly shows Phat Eye’s diversity when it comes to the music game. Phat Eye has been seen in the studio with artist such as Bay Swag - who is affiliated with the CYN MOB and Christian Combs and they also have a song out called “I Got The Juice“. Phat Eye is commonly known in the New York area especially on Long Island. Phat Eye currently has over fifty thousand followers on Instagram and continues to grow day by day. Phat Eye is very heavy on social media and many people have heard this song through the #MoveYourBodyChallenge.
In June, Phat Eye had numerous people post videos of them listening, singing, and dancing to his song which went viral and took off! Phat Eye has performed all around New York from CityScapes in Elmhurst to Lust in Brooklyn and he has also performed in smaller venues such as SpaceX in Brooklyn and Blackthorn 51 in Queens. Phat Eye told us “Me and my brothers are ready, it’s not just me. I got a whole team ready to take over!”. Phat Eye’s team is not like most, they are very unique and Phat Eye is not the only artist in the group the other artist’s name is @a0a_ink on all social media. Phat Eye is not afraid to step out of the box when it comes to his music, he has made songs for ladies, streets, and the club. His music shows us how much of a variety he has when it comes to writing music. He has over twenty thousand plays on “Move Your Body” and you can view the rest of his songs on his SoundCloud link below. Show some love to Phat Eye!