Friday, September 22, 2017

Poem from Songwriter / Poet Darrell Herbert "Six to Thirteen"

Six to Thirteen

From afar I simply watch you
I'll drop my name before I name drop you
Go ahead, who can even stop you?
Bottoms up, who can even top you?
Colorless, these colors shed plastic
On stage, my presence is merely magic
Stomach the thought of drinking my acid
Forgive me if I don't try, I forgot if I was revived 
As a result it still effects the deprived 
To die in a state that keeps being categorized as alive
It's useless, they'll use her
At six I was such a loser
At thirteen, a drug abuser
But, should I take my time?
Or take my life

Darrell Herbert "The Artivist" is a rising songwriter / poet, also known as "The Voice for the Voiceless".