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[RISING STAR] Artist to Watch "NSYT" | @IAmNsyt ‏

Artist to watch NSYT
Rising Stars:

How do you know when you've found a rising star? Well, there's a few star traits that I look for, which are: undeniable talent & progression, among others but those are the main two.

There's a lot of talented artists to watch, sure...but not all are worthy of the RISING STAR artist to watch label. And here's why: you want to be able to follow an artist that you like into their journey of stardom and watch them succeed. If an artist you like isn't making progress, then where are you following them to? Exactly. Another thing, what makes you want to pick up an artist's album? Especially if they're not mainstream? It's got everything to do with their progression, how they're marketing their music, and the branding that is associated with that. If an artist can make you want to buy their album just by listening to a few songs and watching a few videos, then you've found yourself a talented artist. But, if you go to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other channels and start following them? Well, you've found yourself a rising star!

Which brings me to this week's RISING STAR: NSYT

Who is NSYT?

Pronounced 'insight', standing for "Never Surrender Your Talent", this Virginia native hip-hop & rap artist is this week's RISING STAR!

Artist to watch NSYTBorn Jason Tyson, this Virginia native has been a YouTube sensation since 2014. Becoming more popular over the years & acquiring more fans with his high energy performances, he's opened up for other artists such as: Tech N9ne, Slaughterhouse, Hopsin, Ces Cru, and more. Have you ever heard a song you just wanted to get up and move to? Music that had a message but made you hype? This is that type of music. He has songs that let others know who's boss, songs that empower others, songs to vibe to, songs to dance to, songs to ride to, and overall songs that you can get hype to. His music is high energy & lyrical. With word play close to that of some of your favorite rappers, he definitely has earned his spot on this list of rising stars.

Graffiti the World NSYT
Graffiti The World: NSYT
He has a style all his own, though there are some stylistic traits where you can tell he was inspired by certain artists who have paved the way for upcoming hip-hop and rap artists. When I first heard his music, he gave me vibes like those of MGK with a hint of Eminem and a dash of Yelawolf. And he's in good company, because each of those artists have made names for themselves. And NSYT is right behind them. His time is definitely now. With his new album "Graffiti the World" out now on iTunes and other platforms, you have the ability to support an artist's growth.

You can preview his new album "Graffiti the World", out NOW on iTunes!

You can visit his website here to learn more about the artist behind the music. And be sure to follow him on TWITTER & FACEBOOK. Also, be sure to subscribe to his YOUTUBE channel, which you can do by following the video below.


I am always ecstatic to bring in new artists with awesome content. Stay tuned because there's going to be a new RISING STAR artist every MONDAY!

Enjoy the the artist.

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