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[NEW MUSIC] CyHi The Prynce "No Dope On Sundays | @CyhiThePrynce

If you know anything about hip-hop, you know this artist. Cyhi the Prynce, formally with Def Jam, a short-lived stint with Konvict Muzik, & Kanye West's label GOOD Music, now resides with Sony.

Hailing from Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta, real hip-hop has yet to make a comeback. It's all trap rap & that's not what his M.O. is. When he started out with Def Jam, they didn't want to let him be the performer he was, but yet wanted him to do the same type of music that was popular: trap rap. So he distanced himself and now, with his new album out, he's making waves and his fans are glad he's finally got something new out for them to vibe to. 

Though Prynce didn't have an official album, however, he's had plenty of mixtapes, like Black Hystori Project 1 & 2: NAACP, Jack of All Trades, Ivy League: Kickback...and tons of features, such titles as "Cash Flow", "Get Off", and more. So it's not like he hasn't been working. His repertoire is extensive. It's just without an actual album out, he was unable to show how he could benefit a label & show them a return on investment. 

One of my favorite songs by this artist is titled "One Woman Man". It shows his versatility as an artist. When his pen meets paper, there's sparks...and by the time he's done writing, there's a full fledged flame! 

I've not heard a song I didn't like by Cyhi. And I doubt I will. He is one of the more consistent artists that definitely deserves more of the limelight than what he is getting at this point. 

Underrated is an understatement.

Like most underground artists, his struggle was not having the backing to properly promote and market his music, which is why it's taken so long for him to actually come out with anything new and substantial. And it's sad that artists such as Lil Pump and Lil Uzi Vert can get tons of publicity for basically making noises over beats but someone as talented and lyrically inclined as this artist doesn't even get a chance to get his break. Now, don't get me wrong, if you like that type of music, then that's fine with me and everyone else...but some of us actually prefer actual lyrics when we listen to music.

But the wait is over. His new studio album, "No Dope On Sundays" is out & it is AMAZING!!! From track 1 to 15, you won't skip over anything. Every song is lyrical ingenuity. From his metaphors to his analogies to his double entendres this album is one that any hip-hop fan will want to add to their collection. I am absolutely in love with this album. 

 R.A.P.= Rhythm & Poetry...If ANYONE is a R.A.P God...Cyhi is.

Audio Video: No Dope On Sundays
Audio Video: Murda ft/Estelle

I already know you're over there bobbin ya head & making those stank faces like 'ooooweeee, yessss ABOUT TIME'!! Yes! 

I understand wholeheartedly!! 😆

Okay...I'm going to give you the links where you can go support Cyhi & purchase this album. 

Aye...before I forget to tell you...he's got a track with Jagged Edge, too! Ah! 

Okay, okay...preview the rest of his album below & to go ahead and make that purchase, because I know you want to own this HERE for iTunes or HERE for Amazon.

Alright, now I'm going to leave you with his social media links so you can go follow him & stay updated on everything he's got coming up.

Enjoy the music. Support the artist.

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