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[NEW MUSIC] Machine Gun Kelly/ Bebe Rexha/ X Ambassadors "HOME" | @MachineGunKelly @BebeRexha & @XAmbassadors

NEW MUSIC HOME machinegunkelly beberexha xambassadors
"Home": created for the upcoming Netflix original, Bright, which features Will Smith & Joel Edgerton to name just a few.

I've to be honest: this has to be the most magical collaboration since Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston created "Hero"...the name of the song? "Home". The artists? MGK, Bebe Rexha & X Ambassadors.

Fans of each of these separately, and to put them all on one project is simply like watching the cosmos explode! It's the spark of the new universe of music! And I'm here for it! It's hip-hop meets pop meets alternative rock; if you like any of these artists you have to give this track a chance. Just close your eyes and listen to the blends of the vocals and the journey the lyrics take you on. It's an adventure in a song. And I haven't came across a song like that in a LONG time. Definitely one to be on your playlist.

HOME NEW MUSIC machinegunkelly beberexha xambassadorsNetflix & chill? Gladly for this's Fifth Element meets Men In Black with Will Smith as the lead actor.

The song was written for the upcoming album that also features artists like Future, A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign, Snoop Dog, Logic, Camila Cabello, and more.

With fairies, orcs, humans, and elves coexisting, it is bound to be an adventure. Two cops: Smith & his orc partner, played by Edgerton, have to keep the peace between the diverse population.

You can catch this exclusive on December 22nd.
And you can pick up the complete album December 15th. However, you can preview & pre-order the album today by visiting Amazon: just click here.

The video for "Home" is astounding. The direction is trying to bring people together and with clips from the film, this song fits this movie like a glove. I am 100 percent sure you will enjoy this video and this song just as much as I have. {watch below}

If you follow either of these musical greats alone, you'll love their collaboration. This album will definitely go down in history as a soundtrack classic. One to own and one to have on your playlist.

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As always: enjoy the the artists.

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