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[WHO YOU GOT? #THEGOAT] J. Cole v. Kendrick Lamar | @JColeNC & @kendricklamar

Alright, alright, there's been a lot of speculation around another J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar collaboration. It's been said they're supposedly working on an entire collaborative album...hasn't yet been confirmed, however.

So, about 3 weeks ago I polled my friends & followers on FaceBook & in a nutshell asked who people liked better, or if they had a favorite out of the two. Well, percentages came back with more votes on Kendrick's side...however, J.Cole had the most praise in the comments. I'm thinking they're tied.

Well, you can view that post here:

So, as you can see...only by 10%. Not a very large margin.

Nonetheless, I'm thinking a collaborative album may just break the industry and possibly the internet. These two are lyrical extremists in their own rights and they are so much better when they have their own space to create and execute ideas.

I wouldn't go as far as to say "rivals", but more or less definitely two of the most popular lyrical reality prophets in the industry; and definitely one of the most awaited collabs since Pac & Nas.

J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar are definitely some of the greatest storytellers in the industry. Accompanied with other greats such as K.R.I.T., Cyhi & more, these are going to be the ones that transcend the industry past the limelight. They'll be popular past the initial buzz.

So, what do these two have going on now?

Lamar actually has a new song with Sza on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie, Black Panther titled "All the Stars". Released January 4th, 2018, you can listen here on YouTube. Then head over to purchase that single HERE on iTunes or HERE on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Cole hasn't brought us any new albums since his fourth studio album, 4 Your Eyes Only. His last single was "High for Hours", yet he is featured on a few hits with other artists. Nonetheless you can pick that album up HERE on iTunes or HERE on Amazon.

Speaking of features, BOTH Lamar & Cole are featured on Jeezy's new track "American Dream", which is off his latest album, Pressure. Aside from this song, the two haven't collaborated together {vocally} or shared the mic since 2013.

{You can preview & purchase "American Dream" here on iTunes or here on Amazon.}

Let rumors tell it, Lamar & Cole have another collaboration single coming out along with a full collaborative album. What are your thoughts on the topic? Drop your comments below. Who's your favorite? Tell me why.

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