Thursday, February 22, 2018

[MUSIC] "One Night" by Anonamous Feat Tracy The Rarebreed | @AnonamousLife

Up and coming Ohio artist has been taking the internet by storm with his newly released single and it’s steadily gaining momentum.  Since it’s January 2018 release the record has been placed on top radio stations internet and FM such as Bigshot Radio, Straight Official radio, Blazin’ 92.3, The Wiz 97.9 and more. Other than the major stations that caught on to this highly recognized record, some major Djs and even some major labels have caught wind of this up and coming artists movement.

The record is a high energy anthem giving you the motivation to go out and get it. Some would compare this with a new age club anthem but that isn’t the case, mixed with tight bars “Anonamous” comes in with some very catchy singing which brings out the RnB favor that most records are converting to. What sets this record apart from most is the message that this song brings and the eagerness to win. Anonamous makes it very clear within this record that he is far from a one-hit wonder. Mentions of being national on the Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) charts is an understatement. With one tour completed and another coming soon, could “One Night” be his access to the industry? Anonamous brings the flame and the dedication to make his movement thrive. You can sit and listen to this record over and over, and it is sure to hype you up and get your motivated to follow your dreams. Winning is sure in this young artist future and you can be sure to hear more from this artist.

You can download this single on all digital platforms including ITunes, Amazon, google play, etc. Go and support this hot artist as he’s about to take off!