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YouTube's New Exclusive: Step Up: High Water

Step Up: High Water
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Step Up: High Water

Everyone's favorite dance movie goes from the big screens to the small ones in YouTube's latest exclusive, Step Up: High Water. You've heard of the Step Up movies & probably have seen each of them. These movies intertwine some of the hottest dance moves with some of the hottest tracks.

The first Step Up movie debuted in 2006 & starred Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan. Twelve years later, the Step Up franchise is still dancing to the beat & making people move right along with them, only in a different format. Not to mention, & I didn't know this until I researched the show, but Tatum & Dewan met on the set of the 2006 movie & in 2009, they got married. Now they're contributing producers for Step Up: High Water. And, adding to the dance series, the cast also does tutorial videos that show you how to do some of the most epic dance performances from the show. How cool is that?
Step Up: High Water (Cast photo)

Let's get to the coolest cast since Channing & Jenna:

Tal & Janelle: fraternal twins played by Petrice Jones & Lauryn McClain. After their mom gets arrested on drug charges in Ohio, they end up having to move to Atlanta to live with their Uncle Al, played by Faizon Love.

While dealing with being the new kids on the block, the twins get invited to a party being thrown by their neighbor, Dondre, played by Marcus Mitchell. In the midst of mixing & mingling, Janelle runs into one of High Water's own, Rigo--played by Terrence Green. He approached her & asked her to dance, which led to the unforgettable entrance of Poppy's character--Rigo's ex-- played by Kendra Oyesanya. Poppy & Janelle's run-in isn't exactly a pleasant one, which kicks off the rival between the two. The controversy starts the dialogue that offers Janelle the information she's been looking for: High Water is located in Atlanta.

Surprised by the news, she wants her brother, Tal to cover for her while she auditions for a spot in the school. The day of open auditions she runs into characters Odalie, played by Jade Chynoweth, & Davis, played by Carlito Olivero. Through auditioning, she meets the DJ, King--played by Eric Graise. She also meets the school administrator, Collette Jones, played by the beautiful Naya Rivera, & the founder of the school, Sage Odom, played by the infamous Ne-Yo.

I can't really disclose anymore information without actually giving away the show's most minuscule details that only one who watches the show would be able to know. I've watched the first four episodes, which YouTube Red allows: you can watch the first four episodes for free. However, to catch the rest of the show a paid subscription to YouTube Red is needed. The subscription is only $9.99 a month and well worth it. This show alone will make this purchase worth your wild.

To begin your subscription & start watching Step Up: High Water, click here. All episodes began streaming January 31st so you're not too far behind.

Not to mention, when you purchase the subscription to YouTube Red you can also play your videos offline. So, if you want to watch an episode later, after school, work, or whenever you get a free moment: you can. You can download the videos to a playlist created by you in order to watch offline whenever you feel like it.

I'm including the trailer for the show below; then, following, are the links to follow the cast members on Twitter & Facebook. Be sure to click the links to follow the cast & support the members of the show & the show itself.

I appreciate you visiting & reading up on the latest entry in the Step Up franchise & I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have. #KeepWatching


Main Cast Members:

Janelle -- Lauryn McClain -- FaceBook/Twitter
Tal -- Petrice Jones -- FaceBook/Twitter
Dondre -- Marcus Mitchell -- FaceBook/Twitter
Rigo -- Terrence Green -- FaceBook/Twitter
King -- Eric Graise -- FaceBook 
Poppy -- Kendra Oyesanya -- FaceBook/Twitter
Odalie -- Jade Chynoweth -- FaceBook/Twitter
Davis -- Carlito Olivero -- FaceBook/Twitter
Ms. Collette Jones -- Naya Rivera -- FaceBook/Twitter
Sage Odom -- Ne-Yo -- Facebook/Twitter

Step Up: High Water | Cast | Dance Intros

I hope you enjoyed the content. Be sure to follow the cast: they're amazingly talented artists & will definitely inspire you to get up & move. 

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