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{ INDUSTRY NEWS } @MeekMill Released from Jail

Meek Mill Is Released From Jail Today

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In a recent update, it seems as if Meek Mill's legal battles have paid off as he is officially released from jail as of today, April 24th. Reportedly, Kevin Hart visited Mill earlier Tuesday [today] & was informed that he'd be released today. Hart took to Twitter & the news went viral.

According to WTTV news, a 'Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered a lower court to release Mill immediately' after finding that one of the arresting officers was on a proven list of 'corrupt officers'. In addition, WTTV states that 'Mill will be out on unsecured bail while appealing a 10 year-old drug & gun' case.

For those who do not know the extent of the charges and why Mill was convicted in the first place, allow me to offer some enlightenment:

In 2017, there was an instant in March where Mill was involved in a 'airport brawl' and later in August he was reportedly arrested for 'reckless endangerment'. However, both of these cases were dropped by the presiding judge over the cases. Continuing to state that Mill had still violated his probation, which he had been on from a previous drug charge before these two initial instances, even though the cases were dropped. In the event of his violation of probation, he was sentenced to a 2 - to - 4 year sentence.

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Nonetheless, this is good news for the Wins and Losses rapper, as he can now pick his career up where he left off and start the rebuilding process.

Upon his release, he took to Twitter to thank 'God, family, friends, & attorneys', among others such as 'Jay-Z, Micheal Rubin, fans' and more. He relates the last 5 months to being a 'nightmare' and that everyone's 'prayers, visits & calls' helped him remain positive. Going on to state that he will utilize his platform to bring awareness to an unjust justice system and understands that he is blessed to 'have the resources to fight this ... situation'. He also noted that "many people of color across the country don't have that luxury", in which fuels his plan to use his platform as a way to shine a light on those issues.

In the meantime, Mill reports he will be working closely with his legal team to 'overturn ... unwarranted conviction' and he's looking forward to 'reuniting with family & resuming [his] music career'.

I, for one, am glad he is going to utilize his platform to showcase the unfairness of what is supposedly a just system for everyone. I am looking forward to seeing how he manages to fight this battle with, maybe, some new music on the horizon that portrays the horrors & offers subsequent solutions.

If you're like me, you appreciate when an artist uses a platform they have to do good. To make unheard situations heard & bring light to issues others are trying to keep in the dark. So, kudos to Meek Mill & the rest of the artists doing the same.


Thanks for reading. For more information on Meek Mill's release, you can visit the website that assisted me in creating this update: WTTV 4 News. And be sure to follow Meek Mill on Twitter @MeekMill to stay updated on his upcoming projects and how he plans on handling this newfound sense of enlightenment.

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