Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Radio Diaries: What is TuneIn Radio?

Radio Diaries: What is TuneIn Radio?

As you may know, not all radio stations are created equal. And the listeners aren't equal either. With the majority of people spending more times on their smartphones, AM/FM radio--though not obsolete--doesn't get as much play as it used to because most people own some sort of streaming subscription to an online radio station. And with the variety these stations come with, can you really blame them for converting? Although AM/FM radio does happen to be the most played format in cars due to some cars not being "connected"--basically meaning they come wi-fi enabled with internet radio stations built into the system or able to be connected via consumer's account profiles. And then you have the consumers who really can't afford the connected vehicles, so it limits their radio variety/choices. Despite that fact, however, still less than 10% of streamed audio comes from commercial radio like AM/FM. Not to mention, studies have disclosed that "by 2020, 75% of new cars are expected to be “connected” to digital services..." [read full article].*

Nonetheless, with most vehicles having access to auxiliary ports these days, people can now take their radio on the go via the usage of aux cords, which really changes the game even more because people can be listening to something at home and end up having to leave. So, instead of interrupting their streaming, they just hook up & go. How modern day is that? Cool, right?

There's numerous internet radio stations & streaming services to choose from and you can have a subscription to all of them if you'd like, whatever your preference.

Most of these have free subscription options, others you have to pay for in advance & then again on a monthly basis, such as Deezer, Amazon music, SiriusXM. However, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, & TuneIn have a free subscription option --though you'll have to deal with the occasional ad commercials--that can benefit those with tight budgets &/or those that just don't feel streaming/radio vices is something they want to invest their money in.

With so many options, which one do you pick? I'd recommend the TuneIn radio app [above] over any of the other services. You can get the app from any app store & download it for free. Not to mention, you get access to over 100,000 stations, including sports, news, music, podcasts. Any genre of music, any style: it's there. You can listen to your favorite programming for free live & on-demand.

You can even favorite a specific station in order for it to be first on the list when you open your app. When you close the app out & reopen it, your last station played will be the first one you see so you don't have to search for it all over again. Another reason is because I've had just about all of the services at one point, and the only one I've stuck with is TuneIn. It is the most convenient because it can truly be omnipresent: everywhere you are, TuneIn can be.

Despite the fact there's so many other services available, I will still continue to utilize my TuneIn radio app. For the iPhone/iPad users, you can get your app here from the iTunes app store. And for all other phones/devices, you can get the app from Amazon here.

When you download the app, be sure to check out some of the hottest stations: Platinum Radio is actually one of the stations on TuneIn & one of the main reasons I got the app to begin with; the hottest hip-hop & R&B from the fastest growing phenomenon on the net: Platinum Radio.

Not to mention, I actually host the morning show on Platinum Radio: Rise And Shine With Rae. (You can check that out here on Facebook & here on Instagram)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the info; I'm glad to have been a service to you. I hope you'll try the app & enjoy it as much as I have to keep it on your device(s).

And if you really would like to listen to Platinum Radio on TuneIn, just go here.

Thanks for 'tuning in'...until next time...

Rachel Marie 

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