Friday, June 8, 2018

[MIXTAPE] Anonamous "Destiny" | @anonamouslife


Up and coming Toledo hip-hop artist Anonamous is far from being considered last in the race to become great. With his recent radio single release “One Night” rising to the top of the charts he is sure putting in a lot of work and overtime to show people he’s got the momentum and passion to become great! With the help from Fleet DJs, DJ Spins, Anonamous has networked with some top influencers and continues the rise to fame in the independent music scene. So, what does Anonamous have planned to continue this rise to stardom?

Music Is Life

The summer of 2018 is about to heat up, with Anonamous releasing his newest mixtape “Destiny” things are surely about to take off for this young artist. Destiny proves to show that Anonamous won’t stop until he’s made it to the top. With hot tracks such as Fake Brands, Hometown, Shooters, and more this really puts the topping on the cake and shows the world that Anonamous is not a force to be reckoned with. In the past Anonamous has pushed and pushed his massive radio hit, One Night, which is still the top on the DRT charts and has done two state to state tours with his most recognizable DJ, DJ Spins, he continues to thrive off his fans impression of him. Anonamous is what we would call an asset to the music industry and may be one of the people to help revive this tainted music scene. Destiny is an understatement when you talk about music and Anonamous. Anonamous has proven thus far that he is the top dog when it comes to the independent music scene, and It’s only a matter of time before it’s proven. Make sure you purchase or stream his radio hit single “One Night” on your favorite music platform and be sure to check out his newest mixtape and download, rate, and share with your friends today!  

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