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[MUSIC NEWS] Eminem Catches Backlash for Gunshot Sound Effects at a Concert | @Eminem

Eminem Catches Backlash for Gunshot Sound Effects at a Concert

Eminem Gunshot Sound Effects at ConcertFans are disappointed at the legendary rapper, Eminem, after he allegedly let off gunshot sound effects at his recent concert where he headlined the Bonnaroo stage on June 8th.

Tweets of outrage surface as the American rapper finished his set with realistic gunshot sounds that silenced the entire audience. Calling Eminem "irresponsible" and saying "it would have been nice to have a warning" and even going as far as to have fans leaving his show after the 3rd sound effect.
Eminem Gunshot Sound Effects at Bonaroo Concert

If you don't understand why fans are outraged, allow me to inform you:

Not even a year ago in Vegas, there was a mass shooting & officials stated that a "lone gunman" killed at least 59 people and injured more than 500 others attending a country music festival from the 32nd floor of a Vegas hotel.

Jason Aldean & Jake Owen were just a couple of the country stars set to perform that night. Aldean was actually in mid-song when the shots rang out across the crowd. At first, concert goers said it sounded like 'fire crackers' & then people were screaming for help saying they'd been hit. Aldean later posted on his Instagram account: "I still don't know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that me and my crew are safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight," he wrote. It was definitely a tragedy to say the least.

This was the Bonnaroo's first major music festival/concert since that tragic event in Vegas. Fans were eager to see the line up & to witness the performances since that tragedy took place, yet they were not pleased with Bonnaroo's choice of a headlining act after the show was over.

Eminem Gunshot Sound Effects at Bonaroo ConcertCNN even covered the event and reporters publicized their opinions on the decision to have the sound effects go off during his performance.

Do you think Eminem took it too far? Do you think he could have chosen a different song? Or maybe at least left the sound effects out of the performance?

Well, just my opinion, the way our country is set up right now, it has really became the land of mass shootings: from schools to concerts. Just last year, not long before this tragedy took place, there was the Manchester shooting during an Ariana Grande concert. So, fans have grown weary over the mass shootings and are not so fond of the sound effects that make their fears seem like a reality.

Some of the tweets that were posted afterwards:

"I was having a good time at Eminem's set then he played a realistic gunshot noise. The whole crowd ducked and I've never felt more traumatized and ready to panic. Completely inappropriate."

"Less than a year after Vegas and [he tags] Eminem thinks it's a good idea to blast gun shot sfx onstage at a music festival? Bad call on this headliner [tag] bonnaroo. What happened to Radiate Positivity?"

However, during a post interview Eminem stated he didn't use any gunshot sound effects during his show and that it was merely pyrotechnics that gave off a loud boom sound that startled the audience. Regardless, fans feel it was a little too soon for the sound effects & obviously were not prepared for the outcome.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel Eminem should have taken into consideration the current state of our world today before making the decision to use the sound effects --or the pyrotechnics-- whichever he used? Leave your thoughts below & let me know what you think. I would like to know what side of the fence you're on.

For me, and this is solely an opinion, I feel a lot of the concert goers were of the younger generation and though they were fans of Eminem's, they became fans post 2002. Why? Because anyone who knows this artist knows he is unlikely to adhere & conform. He is known for his controversial song lyrics, performances, videos, media posts, and more. But I want to know what you think. Let me know below.

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