Saturday, August 18, 2018

[RISING STAR] Artist To Watch "Die Hard" | @DEONGOLATT

Hip-hop has become a worldwide phenomenon and is sure a place for up and coming hip-hop group, Diehard. The plan was to bring two childhood friends together, Deon Golatt (The Enforcer) and Shelly Tate (Pistol Pete), and to give the world something to remember their names by. Before the group's inception in early 2000, Deon The Don recalls a few instances that changed his mindset. In late 1995 Diehard member, James Tate ( Young Bossaleni)  was gunned down and left for dead but managed to pull through. Talks of forming a group were then the topic of discussion. Three years late, 1998, Another shooting incident involving Deon The Don’s brother, Carlos Golatt (Bullet), who managed to make it off life support and fully recovered. Deon The Enforcer was incarcerated during both incidents. During his incarceration, Deon reached out to Tate and decided it was time to seek out revenge in a clever and successful way, so in late 2000 Diehard was born!

Their first lead single as a group titled “Heartz of Men” was a song describing the two hits on their brothers and group members. The group gave it there all in a real 4 verse record and showed no signs of holding back. The life experiences are what made the heart of this record and made it the groups #1 single on the project “Retribution”.  During the recording process Bullet and Young Bossaleni where incarcerated so it was up to Deon and Tate to explain their pain and experiences to the world. Deon decided it was time to bring on a new member into the family and that’s when G.B came aboard co-writing records such as Act up, Walk It Like I Talk It and What You Gone Do. Young Bossaleni was released around 2002 early 2003 and Bullet was also released around 2005. With all the members free and able to share their experiences, Die Hard is sure to make a name for themselves and bring the harsh reality to the light! Die Hard has noted “We are a force to be reckoned with”. 

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