Monday, September 3, 2018

[RAP WAR] Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)" | @machinegunkelly

The fuel has been ignited from the Cleveland Ohio rapper, who was a target in Eminem's recent album "Kamikaze" released less than a week ago. Kellz has fell victim to Eminem's attacks starting when he made a tweet back in 2012 commenting about the "Rap God's" daughter Hallie. As everyone knows Eminem is very protective of his daughter, so MGK got blackballed in the industry but numerous platforms especially SHADE45 which is a radio station created by Eminem. 

MGK feels that he needs to not only stand up for himself but stand up for his generation of artists that where dissed in the recent Eminem surprise album. In the video, MGK refers to Eminem as the rap god and gives Em props for his past successes but feels that it's time to let the new school have their time and sit on the bench. Kellz believes that Eminem is using his status in the industry to bully the smaller guys and he's not one to be bullied around. With an act of response, where will this lead? Will Eminem respond and bring out the Slim Shady that we know or will he let MGK have his moment of shine and sit back and watch the results unfold? 

Check out the video below!

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